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We were high school sweet hearts and knew early on our relationship was something special. We married nearly twenty years ago and quickly started our family.  We now have two boys and our oldest is a Sophomore in College while our youngest is a Junior in High School. We've lived in the Mississippi coastal region most of our lives and have grown to respect, enjoy and embrace the serene beauty of this enchanting eco system. We love sharing our passion for the coast with those who have not yet experienced the robust culture of this amazing area. We started Shady Oaks Vacation Rentals to offer a relaxing and comfortable place for you to stay while you play and explore.

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Raising two boys has been an awakening and rewarding adventure. Seeing first hand how important education has been to them, I decided to dedicate my passion in learning back into our community by returning to school to receive my teaching certification. I am now a happy yet very busy 3rd grade math and science teacher in our local school district. 


I've lived in the coastal region of Mississippi most of my life. Farming is something I've always enjoyed by raising cattle, goats and growing hay. I love being outdoors hunting, tinkering in the barn, tending goats, feeding the animals and growing hay. When I'm not farming, I'm enjoying the company of my wife and boys, spending time on the water, while living a simple and relaxing life in the South.

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